What Is Royal Arch Masonry

Royal Arch Masonry is not a religion and does not endeavor to fix ones conception of God. Royal Arch Masonry regards your religious belief as your own; it does not attempt to influence your belief. It only asks that you have a belief. The motto of the Royal Arch is "Holiness To The Lord" and ever reminds us of the reverence due the Great and Beneficient Author of our existence, who is a Being without beginning of days or ending of years.

A Royal Arch Mason holds firm to the belief in the Brotherhood of Man, the Fatherhood of God, and the Immortality of the Human Soul in high regard. He, therefore, who is a member knows that in his travels around the world he will be welcome and greeted with hospitality and friendship.

A Royal Arch Mason is taught to practice and espouse toleration for men and to become brothers in deed. Through active membership one obtains those things to which Royal Arch Masons aspire—companionship—brotherhood—opportunity for service in humanity's name.

A Royal Arch Mason is taught to continually attempt to build with Plumb, Square and Level, that Temple of Character which is the great goal of our gentle Craft.

The Royal Arch Mason is the heart, root, backbone and marrow of Freemasonry.

Capitular Degrees

Having completed your degrees in Symbolic Masonry (Blue Lodge), your next step in advancing in York Rite Masonry is the Chapter of Capitular Degrees.

Royal Arch Masonry is said to have derived its origin from the original Masonic Degrees and traditions.

The local Chapter is under the jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter of Michigan. There are some 76 active Chapters in Michigan, located throughout the lower and upper peninsulas, with a present membership of about 8,000 companions. The General Grand Chapter of Michigan and the Chapter Chapter of all the states (except three) and several foreign jurisdictions are affiliated, the largest Masonic group under one head to be found anywhere in the world. It has a membership of about 650,000 members.

The Chapter, as present in Michigan, consists of four beautiful degrees:

  • The Mark Master Degree
  • Past Master Degree
  • Most Excellent Degree
  • Royal Arch Degree

All Organizations have their own secrets and mysteries. Royal Arch (Capitular) Masonry is secret only in the result of a ballot, and a few innocuous passwords and means of recognition which are rarely used, and then only for the purpose of examination for admission to a Chapter. Membership is gained by the presentation of ritual through degrees, as described above. The degrees are more important at regards the meaning of the ritual than the wording thereof.

Mission Statement

To be a preeminent body of Freemasonry by providing knowledge, skills and quality services. To be the prime choice of Masons, contributing to the strength of the organization and enhancing its ability to achieve its vision. Royal Arch Masonry, in Michigan, shall accomplish this by creating a growing, active, relevant organization of great appeal that is well known and respected.

Vision Statement

Royal Arch Masonry, in Michigan, shall be a preeminent organization for Freemasonry of high quality, consistently delivering, by symbols, allegory and example, a moral code founded on the highest standards of ethics, honesty and strength of character. A fraternal organization committed to charity, strengthening fellowship and brotherly love, dedicated to delighting, involving and educating members, their families and the community, where the Chapter is a vibrant, respected and contributing part of their life.

The organization must be well-led, committed to excellence among Freemasons, maintaining quality programs and use of time; and forge alliances designed to help the community and develop the character of Royal Arch Masons.

A Michigan Royal Arch Mason can expect to find, in his fraternity, the opportunity to learn and be inspired; lead and be respected; be challenged; be entertained; cooperate with all Freemasons wherever dispersed; and be involved with his family; his companions and his community; and be proud to be a member of an organization committed to making a difference.

Why Should I Join

As a Master Mason one learns that the one great goal of Freemasonry is the betterment of mankind - the never - ending process of elevating mankind from darkness to light. The enlightenment of the mind and the soul.

Freemasonry teaches self-respect, self-restraint and reason. In a world permeated with the spirit of selfish rivalry, it teaches Universal Love and Brotherhood. In a world of intolerance and bigotry it teaches understanding and kindness. In a world of cynical disbelief, it teaches reverence for Deity. In a world floundering in the depths of a great moral and spiritual depression, Freemasonry teaches industry and self- reliance, and temperance and integrity. Its emphasis is always on the nobler point of view and the finer choice of conduct. In a changing and superficial world, it points to the eternal and fundamental principles that have emerged unchanged from every transition era.

The Royal Arch holds firm to the belief in the Brotherhood of Man, the Fatherhood of God, and the Immortality of the Human Soul in high regard. He, who is a member thereof, knows that nowhere within the halls will anything occur to cause him to forfeit his self-respect, or give him the slightest embarrassment. Capitular Masonry is intensely human; it has its serious aspects and its humorous side. A Royal Arch Mason becomes a more fully-informed ambassador, by improving oneself in Masonry, of the Craft - so that he may effectively help the thousands, yes millions, of his Brethren who are endeavoring to carry the "torch of light" out of our Temples and into the heart of mankind.

Why Shoul anyone become a Royal Arch Mason

  1. To make themselves a better person by strenghening your belief,
  2. To assist in making others better people,
  3. To continue the search for that which Masonry has only begun to teach and impress upon us,
  4. To become the leaders in the Masonic Craft and thereby within the community,
  5. To become better informed and thereby a leader in education of the social, moral and social virtues,
  6. To become more committed to making a difference.

and lastly, but not necessarily the least, or most, important reason is to be able to travel to foreign countries and visit in their Lodges where many still require that you must have received the Royal Arch Degree or Degree of Holy Royal Arch in order to have completed the Master Mason Degree and thereby be afforded a seat in their Lodge.