Vision Statement for Royal Arch Masonry in Michigan

Royal Arch Masonry, in Michigan, shall be a preeminent organization for Freemasonry of high quality, consistently delivering, by symbols, allegory and example, a moral code founded on the highest standards of ethics, honesty and strength of character.  A fraternal organization committed to charity, strengthening fellowship and brotherly love, dedicated to delighting, involving and educating members, their families and the community, where the Chapter is a vibrant, respected and contributing part of their life.

The organization must be well-led, committed to excellence among Freemasons, maintaining quality programs and use of time; and forge alliances designed to help the community and develop the character of Royal Arch Masons.

A Michigan Royal Arch Mason can expect to find, in his fraternity, the opportunity to learn and be inspired; lead and be respected; be challenged; be entertained; cooperate with all Freemasons wherever dispersed; and be involved with his family; his companions and his community; and be proud to be a member of an organization committed to making a difference.