The Companions of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Michigan work in active support of many numerous Masonic, Civic and National Charitable, Benevolent and Service Organizations and Foundations.  Below will be listed the three major charitable Organizations and Foundations that the Grand Chapter and its Companions directly support.  In addition to these the local Chapters and the Individual Companions support and work for the benefit of the Community and the members thereof, frequently without informing the Community, Organization or Individual that it is Royal Arch Masonry at work for them.  The individual Chapters support the needs of the Community when a need is known and the Chapter is able to financially or physically support them. 

While Charity is a major endeavor of all Masonic Organizations it is not the premise upon which that Organization is based and therefore not all Chapters have funds available, or in sufficient amounts, to support the needs of their Community.


Royal Arch Research Assistance


R.A.R.A. - Royal Arch Research Assistance is a Philanthropy of the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, International, was established by action of the General Grand Chapter in 1975.

The purpose of the Philanthropy is to assist in providing funds for Research in areas where there is great need, and which are less than adequately funded from other sources.  They have and are directing their main thrust of support to Research in the area of Auditory Perception, which adversely affects untold thousands of children, especially boys.

The study of central auditory function is an intriguing endeavor.  A central auditory processing disorder impact the academic, work, and social behavior of the child and adult.  The condition causes them to scramble written, or oral, instructions and thus not understand what is wanted or desired of them even thou they have normal intelligence, normal vision and normal hearing.

This program is identifying the problems (causes) and the cures for this malady.  Over the years exciting results have occurred for many children with specialized use of acoustic earplugs and earmuffs, strategic classroom seating arrangements, FM wireless microphone systems and even electronic manipulation of speech signals used to enhance the intelligibility of speech. 

Much has been learned and accomplished, however, much still needs to be done.  The General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons is pleased to still contribute to the financial support of this worthy endeavor.


Grand Chapter R. A. M. Foundation

The Grand Chapter R.A.M. Foundation is a Trust Fund established by the Grand Chapter and managed by seven Trustees consisting of the Grand King and 6 Companions of the State appointed by the High Priest for 3 year terms.  2 members are appointed each year so that there is an overlap of terms of office.

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a source of funds to support the Grand Chapter programs and projects, on a continuing basis, that will help to build Capitular Masonry in Michigan.

The Foundation is a permanent investment operating fund.   Only the interest earned, or portion thereof, will be used.  The Trust Fund will be preserved to provide income indefinitely, as long as the Grand Chapter is in existence.

The money received by the Foundation is invested and the proceeds, in the form of interest and dividends, are used to help support Royal Arch Masonry.

The Foundation receives money from a number of sources each year.  Endowments, Wills, Contributions, Memorials and Fund Raisers


Prepaid "Life" Membership

The Grand Convocation of the Grand Chapter in 1986 granted any Royal Arch Mason in good standing in any Chapter chartered by this Grand Chapter, whose dues are paid to date, to purchase a Prepaid Membership.

Why should a member of the Grand Chapter buy a Prepaid Membership?  Because this membership affords a perpetual income to their chapter as long as that Chapter is in existence.  You are helping to insure the continued existence and financial well being of their Chapter.

The Companion will never again have to receive a bill for annual dues, but will receive a paid dues card each year from their Chapter.

After death, for we are all born but to die, the Chapter continues to receive money, each year, in the name of the Companion.  They will, therefore, always be on the roles of their Chapter as a supporting member.   This as an annual memorial to the Chapter in their name.

They will, also, be a contributing member to insure the existence of their Grand Chapter and its continuation on a financially stable basis.

A Prepaid Membership may be purchased for a deceased member as a perpetual memorial.

Contact your local Chapter Secretary or the Grand Secretaries Office in order to find out more information.