Royal Arch Masons 2016-2017

Grand High Priest

Richard G. Hitchand Lady Connie
Wayne Chapter #182

Grand King

Mike Roberts and Lady Rebecca
River Raisin #22

Grand Scribe

Carl J.Peterson, KYCH and Lady Midge
Mackinac #134

Grand Treasurer

Sherman C. Parker, Jr.
Romeo Chapter #17

Grand Secretary

Donald L. Galway, PGHP, KYGCH, OPC and Lady Sherry
Livingston #30

Grand Chaplain

James K. Henley, PHP and Lady April
Wayne Chapter #182

Grand Captain of Host

John Ames, KYCH and Lady Judi
Shores Chapter #69

Grand Principal Sojourner

Eldin H. Miller and Lady Shar
Mt. Vernon Chapter #37

Grand Royal Arch Captain

Jeff Heaven and Lady Sandy
Alma Chapter #123

Grand Master of the 3rd Veil

Donald Mayville and Lady Joanne
Livingston Chapter #30

Grand Master of the 2nd Veil

Brent Helm and Lady Nancy
Washington Chapter #15

Grand Master of the 1st Veil

Kenneth Alexander and Lady Dolores
Mt. Vernon Chapter #37

Grand Sentinel

Stewart Warrington and Lady Dorothy
Mackinac Chapter #134

Executive Director of DDI's

Louis D. Scott Jr. and Lady Pat
Livingston Chapter #30